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Posted on: December 14, 2009

Is it overrated to wear the same thing as your BFF’s? YES!! Or at least I think so.

If you are going to match, you should match a bit not your entire outfits. As in:

  • Girl 1 wears black nail polish, black shirt, red leggings
  • Girl 2 wears black nail polish, red shirt, black leggings.

See? Coordinated, but not overly so. Yes?

I saw 3 girls wearing brown shirts today, which inspired this post. They didn’t achieve their goal of “oh-look-we-are-BFF’s-and-wearing-brown-YIPPEE” that I think they were going for. It was more of a “we-are-trying-very-hard-to-look-cool-and-matchy”.

N0 offense, girls.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


5 Responses to "Matchy-matchy?"

Girls actually think about this kind of stuff? Amazing!

Would the mitchy matchies have been better off wearing pink?

As much as I love pink, no, I don’t think so. They would have been better coordinating, not looking like Brownies. (By that I mean the Girl Scouts)

Fashionista: Sometimes by accident people wear something matching. I feel this is a compliment. We both have very good taste!! Never minded someone having on something matching what I am wearing.

I agree, like my friends love twilight and always wore twilight shirts when it came out. But it got annoying (‘-‘)

Twilight isn’t very good. The books were good but not the movies.

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