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How to look young the wrong way

Posted on: December 16, 2009

I went to one of my fave restaurants today. I saw this lady, whose face, not outfit, looked around 35. But if you looked at her outfit, which I do, because I just have to see what people are wearing, you would notice that it would be appropriate for a 19 year old girl who was desperately wanted to look cool.

She was wearing: a grey trench, which was around mid-thigh length, a plaid mini, but not the cute-innocent-schoolgirl type, and…

Red. Shiny. Knee-high stilleto boots.

Ohhhh dear. 😦 😦

Not good. So, my advice to her would be:

Wear one of these at a time. Preferably NEVER the boots, but the skirt is ok… if! You! Are! NINETEEN! Sweetie. Wear something more appropriate before going out in public.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


6 Responses to "How to look young the wrong way"

Are those the same boots Marg wanted to wear to her reunion?

Somehow I don’t think so…

Do you have something against “Red. Shiny. Knee-high stilleto boots.”

I like them myself! They are quite distinctive . . .

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