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3 ways to wear leggings

Posted on: December 22, 2009

I was on polyvore, exploring, and I saw this awesome pair of leggings. Leggings are a staple, and currently very trendy. So I made a set with 3 different ways to wear the leggings!

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


6 Responses to "3 ways to wear leggings"

I don’t like the third idea – where you can actually see the girl is wearing leggins.. that is a bit too ‘ballerina’.. unfortunatly most of us don’t have ballerina’s leggs.. don’t you think?..

Yeah, you have a point. But you can’t wear jeans every day, and if you have a really cute dress and want to make it winter-chic, then why not try leggings? I would wear the dress with a cardigan (cardie) too, for extra warmth.

what about skirts?

Length: I found some really cute ones that are knee-length for the summer. Microminis are pretty much always out. They are wayyyy too short. Minis are OK, sometimes, if appropriate. Not for family dinners, or school. Maybe a movie, but make sure it is a skort. (Those are skirts that have shorts under them)
Pattern: I usually wear graphic tees (shirts that have patterns or words on them) with skirts. Graphic tees look best with solid skirts.
Style: Tiered skirts and flowy skirts (grunge down a bit with a dark colored shirt)

What if you put leggings with the mini?

Under it, right? Yeah that would probably make it winter-chic. There are ways to adapt one’s wardrobe from summer to winter. For example, you could make a short-sleeved graphic tee warm by layering a long sleeve top under it.

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