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American Idol part 2: pants on the ground

Posted on: January 19, 2010

American Idol contestant Larry Platt made me laugh on Wednesday. Larry, age 62, sang his own original song, “Pants on the Ground”. It is SO funny. Look up “pants on the ground” on YouTube, and you will definitely find it. But it brings me to a point: are people wearing their pants too low?  There’s low rise jeans and then there’s this:

You want somewhere in between that and Mom Jeans.  Mom Jeans are the ones that are extremely high waisted.  Usually jeans around belly button level are flattering to all.

But, before I sign off, remember:

Get your pants off the ground!

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


1 Response to "American Idol part 2: pants on the ground"

That is a very snappy tune!

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