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Guy liner?

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Eye liner is fabulous.  It defines our gorgeous eyes with it’s sidekick, mascara, and makes people say, “Wow!  She looks good.”  If applied correctly that is.  Don’t go all the way around the eye, don’t go past the corner of the eye, and never wear blue eyeliner.  (Or any kind of makeup in blue.  Ick!)

Anyway, you all know that I like Adam Lambert’s music.  But what about his style?

Adam is very obviously a rocker dude.  Just look at those boots!  Then notice him.  He is wearing black nail polish and black eye liner.

Ryan Seacreast nicknamed it “guy liner”.  Is it the next big trend? No, probably not.  But at least Adam has established his own style, and doesn’t care what other people think.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


6 Responses to "Guy liner?"

This new style is very skinny on my computer. I like the colors and style, but better proportions would be appreciated!

I think that it is skinny on all computers. I’ll try and see if there are any themes that aren’t so small!

Should guy liner only be in black, or are other colors acceptable? The black thing strikes me as being too goth.

I’m not sure I like guy liner at ALL! But black and brown or other neutral colors are OK.
Just because someone wears black doesn’t mean he/she is Goth! Well, all black all the time, with purple lipstick and skulls is Goth, but black eyeliner isn’t Goth. Unless you coat your eyes fifty times around with the stuff to make yourself look like a raccoon.

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