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The September Issue, Devil wears Prada, and Glee, oh my!

Posted on: March 16, 2010

I recently watched the September Issue, and Devil wears Prada. DWP wasn’t very good, it was kind of boring.  But I liked TSI.  It seemed more realistic.  Grace Coddington seemed nasty, I wouldn’t want to work for her.  I wondered why Anna Wintour, of all people, was wearing patterns with patterns.  I guess she figures she can make anything trendy, what with being Editor in Chief of Vogue.

Glee is one of my favorite shows.  I love that it has all the pop music (that I love) in it.  Usually Glee‘s versions of songs are better than the original song.  I hope Glee guest stars Emma Watson (from Harry Potter) and Adam Lambert.  I’m not sure how Emma would fit in to the plot, but it would still be cool.

Speaking of Adam Lambert reminds me of American IdolAI has whittled it down to 12 contestants.  My favorites are Crystal Bowersox, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia.  Even though I don’t agree with Crystal’s hair choice (um, ugly dreadlocks) I think her voice is very nice.

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4 Responses to "The September Issue, Devil wears Prada, and Glee, oh my!"

Have not been watching Idol but guess i will have to tune in just to see the Crystal’s dreadlocks. Not my favorite hair do. It looks like the hair is knotted up and dirty!!
What will be the “in” thing for spring Ms Fashionista??? I am getting geared up to go shopping and want to buy the “right” outfits. Give me some casual and dressy ideas.

I like the brightly colored trench coats for spring. It is a relief to see color again! Floral print skirts, sparkly shirts, and one shoulder dresses are in. I will report more when I see the trends, since it isn’t warm yet I can’t tell you as accurately.

I too am looking for some ideas for spring clothes. I need something that is comfortable, yet dressy enough to wear to the office and on appointments.

Try a floral printed top. Trendy, but also dressy. A comfy bootcut jean will solve your jean problem.
Navy shorts in the summer, with a purple or blue tee will keep you cool, and looking cool too!

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