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So… HOT!

Posted on: April 7, 2010

You know its April.  So what’s with the temps?!  90 degrees today.  I had to go and splash around in a stream like an 8 year old to cool off!

On the topic of heat, I must advise you not to wear micro-shorts.  Those are the shorts that aren’t flattering on anybody above a size 2.  Short shorts maybe, but eh.  If you’re exercising or using them as a coverup after a swim, they’re just too short!

Everyone can look good in Bermuda shorts, though.  Bermudas are knee-length.

Ruffles are hard to wear!  You don’t want to over ruffle, but it is also hard to find flattering ruffles.

I’m so glad to see color again!  After the blah winter of black, brown, and gray, it’s nice to see red, pink, and purple.

Also, nautical stripes caught my attention. 

They’re nice, I guess.  But horizontal stripes are hard to wear.

All for now.  Take this poll to give your opinion and comment below; have you seen any trends I haven’t?

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


6 Responses to "So… HOT!"

90 degrees is for summer not for spring!!

How about cycling shorts? They are usually black, which is a slimming color. Of course, they are skin tight, which can be most unflattering!

Maybe. Just not in hot pink!

I like plad burmuda shorts but i find it hard to get a good shirt that matches well. I am NOT a person for short shorts so i end up SUPER hot in bermudas, any advice on that

Hmm, roll them up? Or find the ones that have buttons on the side so you can choose which length to wear.

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