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Nail Polish, Makeup, and Shoes

Posted on: May 26, 2010

Ah, the girlishness of the words: “nail polish, makeup, and shoes”.

They can make an outfit look chic and put together.  If you go onto you can try on nail polish (on a virtual hand).  I think that blues are the it shade of nail polish this summer.  They’re so cool and refreshing!

My favorite shades in the OPI nail polish are “That’s Hot! Pink” and “Teal the cows come home”.

Onto makeup.  Usually I just wear a slick of hot pink lip gloss, but sometimes I wear lipstick.  If I was going out to a movie, I’d wear lip gloss.  Not as fancy, and no one can see if it rubs off.  But if I was going to see a Broadway show or go to dinner, I’d definitely wear some sort of long lasting lipstick.

Shoes.  Many women (and probably some men) are obsessed with shoes.  Yves Saint Laurent, Manolo’s, and Gucci.  The names also make handbags and clothes, of course.  All of those shoes have price tags in the upper 200’s.

Wedges, gladiators, and booties.  Those are the shoe trends for summer/spring 2010.  And of course flip flops.  They’re soooo comfy, and you can just slip on and slip off.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


3 Responses to "Nail Polish, Makeup, and Shoes"

“Teal the cows come home”.”

Those names are funny. They remind me of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor names, clever and amusing, and oh so tasty 🙂

Blue nail polish is the in color for the summer, huh? Thanks for sharing!

Yup, I LOVE nail polish color names. Hilarious!

Clever naming and good marketing for the nail polish. I don’t wear any myself, but it makes me want to buy some anyway.

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