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Emma Watson

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Emma Watson is one of my favorite female stars.  I think she has a great sense of style, and yes, her acting skills are pretty admirable (she’s starred in the Harry Potter series since 2001).  Recently, Emma cut her her in a ‘daring’ pixie cut.  Here’s a picture of her hair, before and after (picture from

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


10 Responses to "Emma Watson"

I love her new do’. She looks like a fairy princess!

I think that she looks cute with her new haircut. Not all women look good with such short hair but she can carry it off.

After seeing the new ‘do, I think I’m now in the Ginny camp.


There was a show named Giligan’s island, which had two attractive women characters: Ginger and Mary Ann. The question was which one did you like, Ginger or Mary Ann? I think the Harry Potter series now has the same question: Hermione or Ginny? Seeing the new haircut, I am now in the Ginny camp.

She has such a beautiful face! And looked amazing in all the Burberry ads..

She definitely looks a lot older with her new do! But I still like the old hair… I guess I still remember her as a young kid in the first Harry Potter…(:

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