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Zebra Print

Posted on: October 9, 2010

I’ve posted about animal print, but I haven’t done one specifically on zebra print.

I was visiting a farm, looking around at all the animals (my favorites are the chickens and cows) and suddenly I realized something.  Someone was wearing head to toe zebra print.  Yes, readers, head to toe.  A track suit.  It was horrible.  Also, zebra print at a farm?  Really?

Then I wandered around the town around the farm, and I saw yet another lady wearing (what else?) head to toe zebra print.  She was pushing a zebra print carriage with a baby inside.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you to be more fashionable than that.  I want you to wear zebra print, but to wear it better than those two women did.  Wear it with black or jeans, something simple to balance out the wild and crazy print.

Zebra Print

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


8 Responses to "Zebra Print"

Just a little of this print goes a long way. WOW I bet these ladies just stood out in a crowd!! A stroller in zebra print is unique!!! WHOA what a lucky dog!!! Thanks for keeping us informed. Next time you will have to take a picture. Sounds like she belongs with the WalMart people.

I know. I went to the food store today and saw another fashion disaster – paisley pants. The horror! Just because you’re at Shoprite or Walmart does not mean that fashionistas (cough, cough, me) aren’t watching (and blogging).

Too much of a pattern is not a good thing. And I like paisley a lot, but would rather see it as a top than a bottom (unless one is *very* skinny).

I think we need a plaid zebra print.

I LOVE Zebra Print and am soooo glad you did a post on it. thanks so much, yet again, for knowing just what people want to hear about.

You’re welcome! Glad you’re so happy about the post!

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