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Halloween Costumes

Posted on: October 16, 2010

Now as you all know, Halloween is coming soon.  I personally love Halloween, not just because of the candy but because of all the costumes.

Even if you’re just standing at the door giving out the candy to the little monsters (haha) you should still dress up a bit.

For the trick-or-treaters:

Go all out.  My fave costumes aren’t the scary ones, they’re the chic-but-still-a-costume costumes.  Like Rachel or Quinn from Glee, or your favorite celebrity, or Bella or Rosalie from Twilight.  Maybe I don’t like Twilight, but it would make a good last minute costume.  All you have to do is wear jeans, a tee, and and angsty expression.  It’s easy to go as a fave celeb, especially if they have a fashion line.  If you absolutely have to, buy one from Party City.  But please wear tights with it.

Halloween Costumes 2010

For the people at the door:

Do not go as a witch.  I know it’s easy to put on a pointy hat and say “hey, I’m in a costume” but no.  Overplayed.  Also, don’t go buy one of those costumes at Party City.  Those are over the top for people over 25.  Try a mask.  Or maybe tape a sign to yourself that says “I don’t know what I am” or “my costume is a mystery”.

Comment with your costume!

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista


2 Responses to "Halloween Costumes"

I think I’ll shave my head, wear jeans and a t-shirt and go as Puck.

See, now that’s the Halloween spirit! A costume but you still blend in with the crowd.

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