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Jeans: A Musings of a Fashionista Special

Posted on: March 15, 2011

Jeans are a fashion staple.  Everyone should have at least 3 comfortable pairs of jeans.  Here is a round up of the types of jeans that are out there.

Distressed (Ripped)

I have said for a very long time that I don’t like ripped jeans.  Therefore, when I bought a pair of distressed jeans (which are very comfy) and started wearing them, people commented.

So, Fashionistas, what I’m saying is that you can change your mind about fashion.  It’s okay.

Ripped jeans are exactly what their name implies.  I think distressed jeans look best when they have a minimal amount of holes in them.  Of course, none on the rear, that’s just trashy.

Oh, and just a tip, never try and make your own.  It doesn’t work and you’ll just either hurt yourself.  They won’t look the ones in the store.


I like skinny jeans a lot, but I think it all depends on how they fit.  If they’re so tight you can’t breathe you won’t be looking confident and happy, you’ll be looking like you’re in pain (which you probably are). Skinny jeans look awesome with pretty much anything.


Bootcut jeans are the universally flattering jean.  They look best with a cozy sweater. Personally, I like dark wash, I think it looks best.  Top priority is comfort, though.  If your jeans are uncomfortable, no matter how good you look, you’ll be unhappy.

Flare/Wide Leg

Flare and wide leg jeans look best when balanced with a bold sweater on top.  They have an even wider bottom then bootcut jeans, so generally you don’t want to tuck them into boots.

Here’s real girls wearing denim (from Chictopia, made with Polyvore):

Real Girl Style: Denim

Here is another Polyvore set, this time with the different types of denim and an example:

types of jeans

The Fashionista


2 Responses to "Jeans: A Musings of a Fashionista Special"

Jeans are the best~~ Fit is essential!! Good article and I think you nailed all the pros and cons.

I’ve had a love affair with jeans ever since my first pair of levis boy-cut low riders in the 1970’s. My mother would embroider flowers and such all over them, I felt really special in those jeans.

It’s hard finding jeans that fit all my assets. Guess, J Brand, True Religion and Apple Bottoms seem to fit the best so far (J Brand being the best and most comfy fit of all).

I basically live in jeans and I’m lovin’ it!

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