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Prom dresses

Posted on: May 22, 2011

Tis the season for prom.  The date, the shoes, the flowers and…the dress.  Obviously, the dress is the most important part, especially for fashionistas.  There’s even a new website out were you can rent a dress and accessories for the big day (

The top 3 Prom dress trends:

  1. Prints (animal, abstract)
  2. Spray tan (don’t follow this trend)
  3. Paying too much for a dress you’ll wear once (don’t follow this one either)

Take this short quiz to decide which dress is right for you.

1. Which 2010 trend was your fave?

a)      Plaid

b)      Ruffles

c)      Floral

d)     Military style

2. Day to day, your style is closest to…

a)      Trendy

b)      Floaty

c)      Girly

d)     Tomboy

3. If you get dressed up, you wear…

a)      A skirt and a polo shirt, with matching nail art.

b)      A dress, something pink and lacy.

c)      A dress, long and ruffled.

d)     Pantsuit.

If you scored:

A’s: You should wear a printed dress.  That’s the latest trend, so that’s you!

B’s: You should wear a ruffled dress.  Short would probably be best, in a bright color.

C’s: You should wear a long floral dress.  Accessorize with some flowers in your hair and flats.

D’s: You should wear a short, one shouldered dress.  Do your hair in a braid if it’s long, or curl it if it’s short.

Prom dresses 2011

Enjoy your prom!

The Fashionista


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