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As promised (and a tad bit late) here is my post on Beachy Style.

There are many places you can go on the beach.  I will explore the style elements of each.

  1. The Boardwalk.  On the boardwalk, you can wear pretty much anything, as long as you keep it casual.  No heels, please, unless you want to get stuck and fall.  Most popular were short-shorts.  I only saw three rompers, though those three girls rocked it.
  2. The Beach.  Your bathing suit, sunglasses, sunscreen and a cute cover-up.  In terms of cover-ups, you can wear shorts or a sundress.
  3. Restaurant: Casual.  Wear a sundress (no bathing suit under it this time) or a floral shirt.  Pair the floral shirt with denim to keep it casual, but then accessorize with some gladiators (love gladiators!) and sparkly nails.
  4. Restaurant: Fancy.  Fancy dress or a skirt.  Accessorize!  Put on makeup.  Most of the other times on the beach you don’t want to wear makeup because of the heat, it would melt and run off.  Ew!

Basically, beach style is pretty care free because, well, you’re at the beach!  You shouldn’t be worrying about your outfit.  But if you have to, use the tips above.  Enjoy your vacation!  Or, if you’re not on vacation, take the tips and just imagine you’re at the beach 🙂

Beachy Style 2011


The Fashionista

Hey.  I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much, but life has just been a little crazy lately.

I’ve spied some trends that I think are notable.

First, nail art.  I am a huge fan of this, and there are many products to help you do your own nails instead of shelling out big dollars at a salon.  OPI Shatter nail polish is super trendy.  You paint a color (any, but bright ones like pink and white work best) on your nails like usual, and then paint the shatter over it.  Watch as the nail polish shatters or cracks.  It dries matte, but if you want a shine you can paint a clear coat over top.  OPI shatter collection is available on Amazon and in some beauty stores.  Visit for more details and to find a location near you.

Second, floral.  Floral is pretty easy to wear.  Pair it with some gladiator sandals and a bright nail color, and you’re set.

Third, color blocking.  Take a bunch of bold colors and throw them together in an outfit.  For a better idea of what it is, look at the Polyvore set below.  Tie it together with a solid color belt or shoes.

June 2011 Trends
The Fashionista

So plaid was big last year.  Obviously.  Everywhere you looked, you would see it. Plaid shorts, plaid skirts, plaid tops, plaid hats.  Wow.  Here’s how to wear it.

How: A solid top or bottom (depending on where you’re wearing it).  Gladiator sandals displaying a perfect pedicure, which preferably matches the shorts.

Where: Out and about.  It’s not for fancy dinners, though.  Go for more of the shopping, gardening, grocery store type trips.

When: Spring and Summer.  It’s not for Winter.

What: Nail art (for a tutorial, go here:, shorts, shirts, bathing suits.  Anything.


The Fashionista

Floral print is so happy and spring-y.  Floral isn’t hard to wear, either.  In this post I explain how (and where) to wear floral print.

How: Pair it with a solid top, like a tank top or a fitted tee.  Because floral prints usually have a lot of color in them, many colored tops can be worn with them.  Flip flops, sandals or flats are the right choice of shoe.

Where: Dinner, a movie, pretty much anywhere.

When: All season long!  You can pair it with leggings, a sweater and boots in the winter.  In the summer, flip flops and a tank top.

What: Skirts and dresses.  In shorts it’s way too much color (especially if they’re short shorts).  In shirts it’s all right, but you’d probably have a hard time finding a floral shirt.

Floral Print


The Fashionista


I have noticed a budding trend: Trapper Hats.  These hats are the ones with ear flaps, usually  some (faux) fur and a pom pom on top.  I love them!

Trapper Hats

Trapper Hats are usually worn with a winter coat, boots, gloves and a scarf.  I love my Trapper Hat, it’s comfy, stylish and keeps my head warm too!

The Fashionista*


*New year, new signature!

I’ve made a list of 14 trends that were notable in 2010.  Here it is:

1.      Lace

2.      Plaid

3.      Zebra Print

4.      Polka Dots

5.      Sequins

6.      Military Style

7.      Rompers

8.      Argyle

9.      Floral

10.  Ruffles

11.  Jeggings

12.  Skinny Jeans

13.  UGG’s/FUGG’s

14.  Slouchy Boots

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

I’ve posted about animal print, but I haven’t done one specifically on zebra print.

I was visiting a farm, looking around at all the animals (my favorites are the chickens and cows) and suddenly I realized something.  Someone was wearing head to toe zebra print.  Yes, readers, head to toe.  A track suit.  It was horrible.  Also, zebra print at a farm?  Really?

Then I wandered around the town around the farm, and I saw yet another lady wearing (what else?) head to toe zebra print.  She was pushing a zebra print carriage with a baby inside.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you to be more fashionable than that.  I want you to wear zebra print, but to wear it better than those two women did.  Wear it with black or jeans, something simple to balance out the wild and crazy print.

Zebra Print

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

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