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Comeback Set

Hi!  It’s The Fashionista, back again.  Like Slim Shady and Britney Spears, all things come back eventually.  Perhaps those were bad examples because no one likes Britney, but whatever.

I guess you could say that this post is an experiment to see if anyone actually cares about my lovely fashion blog anymore.  I have 44,429 views on Polyvore, apparently.  I didn’t know that little ole me could reach so many people.  Anyway, that’s a set to show the trends of Fall 2013.

Bye for now

~The Fashionista


Hey everyone! I figured I would post about Selena Gomez, because she’s Disney’s next big star.  I think Selena is the next Miley (hopefully without the train wreck ending).

Let’s look back on Selena’s style.

Selena arriving on the red carpet with now ex-BFF Demi Lovato.  Love her hair!

Selena in a rather unfortunate dress.  Like the one shoulder, don’t like the color or how baggy it is.

Love this purple dress!  Only thing I don’t like is that it’s a little bit too short.

picture from

I like this dress, very slinky.





picture from

*The Fashionista*

Happy Fourth!  What will you be doing?  I’ll be watching the Macy’s fireworks, reading magazines, and singing some Glee karaoke.  Maybe a couple hot dogs and some corn too 🙂

So crank up the music, grill some hot dogs and SMILE!  It’s a party in the USA!

Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

Every “Gleek” knows that Glee, a comedy musical with some seriously awesome vocals (and yes, Sue Sylvester is my fave character) has returned.  Yayy!

Glee has a bunch of different characters, and a bunch of different styles.

Mercedes is a diva, with a really powerful alto voice.  She usually wears a boa, or an empire waist shirt.

Rachel is the worst dressed of all the Glee characters.  She tends to wear (gasp!) mismatched patterns and “she somehow manages to dress like a toddler and a grandmother at the same time”, says Kurt.  I think that sums it up perfectly.

Kurt also mixes patterns but somehow manages to pull it off.  Though I’m not a big fan of mixed patterns, I think it doesn’t look bad on Kurt.  And who doesn’t love his version of “Defying Gravity”?!

Tina is a rocker who doesn’t have a major part in Glee, but occasionally will show up in an episode or two.

Quinn was a cheerleader, except (the awesome) Sue kicked her out of cheerleading.  She’s pregnant, so has to wear baggy dresses to allow for the baby belly.

Sue is the BEST!  She always wears track suits.  Um, ew!  But I’m happy she’ll be getting a makeover for the Madonna episode this Wednesday.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

I was in New York City, a fashion capitol, home to 8 million people, and my favorite city.

I was humming Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” with the lyric:

“These streets will make you feel brand new/
The lights will inspire you/
Lets’ hear it for New York, New York, New York”  (from

I went to see the Intrepid, a WWII aircraft carrier, and (of course) to scope out the trends.  Since the weather wasn’t that nice, I was wearing my very unfashionable Disney poncho.  But hey, it kept me warm.

Onto the trends.  I saw a lot of tights with skirts and boots.  Also, rain boots. Which makes sense, based on the awful weather.

Like these two rain boots.

I like the style, but I like my FUGGs better.

I also peeked my head, windblown bob and all, into Macy’s.  A place like Macy’s is perfect for spotting trends.  So, I saw a lot of ruffles, orange, and blue.  Seems good to me, except the orange.  To help you not over-ruffle (new word!  Yay!), I’ve made this Polyvore creation for you.


Hugs and air Kisses,
The Fashionista

Happy Holidays, everyone! 🙂 🙂

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

I will have content up tomorrow, but while you are waiting, visit the other pages!

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