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I’m not a big fan of award shows, they go on too late and the only awards that I care about always get given out at 12 am.  But I do like the red carpet shows, and usually I catch the fashion recap on Yahoo! the next day.  So here are the best and worst of the Emmy fashion, in my opinion.  Part two is coming tomorrow, with a bunch of red dresses.

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I like this dress, especially the pop of silver.  Though is it me or is Paula Abdul leaning to the left?  She’s not standing “straight up.”  I’m sorry, that was cheesy.

I usually like Gywneth Paltrow’s sense of style.  A bit boring, and I wish she would do something about her hair, but nice.  This, however, is rather horrible.

Oh, that quirky Heidi Klum.    I have seen this dress on both best and worst dressed lists.  Personally, I like the dress.  What do you think?  Take the poll below!

Heather Morris is gorgeous, we all know this.  But what was she thinking with this outfit?!  The neckline is too low, the dress too ruffled, and the hair…too poofy.  Is this a hit or a miss?  Vote in the poll!

Jayma Mays is just so…cute!  I like this dress, I don’t think that it deserves the D it got on the Yahoo! fashion report card.

Be sure to check this blog tomorrow for part 2 of the Emmy fashion recap!

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You all know Heather Morris and Naya Rivera as cheerleaders (excuse me, cheerios) on Glee.  But what’s their true style?

Naya goes for a Snooki-like pouf.  I think the dress would be better if it didn’t have all the fluff at the bottom.  And of course, change the hair.

Heather goes glam. I love her hair. But is it too much gold?

Naya wears cowboy boots.  I like the dress, but not the boots.

Red is a good color for Heather, but I don’t like the dress.  Have I mentioned I like her hair?

The black boots are nice, I like them with the dress.  But the dress itself is kinda ugly.

Finally, a picture of Heather and Naya together.











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