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Hey guys

So you should probably know that I’m kinda obsessed with nail polish.  Nail art? Check.  Nail magazines? Check.  Nail dryer? Check.

Anyway, I am writing to tell you that I am featured in Liquid Jelly‘s Friday Food and Nails post.  I sent in my picture (which I admit isn’t the best, compared to the gorgeous pics the other bloggers have) and I got in!  Yay!

Check it out here.  Thanks to Liz from Liquid Jelly for putting me in.  I will be in next week’s FFAN post as well, with my watermelon toes.

These nails are done freehand.  What I used:

  • OPI Start to Finish base/top coat
  • Essie Smokin’ Hot (dark grey)
  • OPI Austin-tacious turquoise
  • OPI turquoise shatter

There are trends in nail polish, of course, so I will share with you my forecast.

  • Olive green.  Like an army green, this corresponds with the military style clothing we’ve been seeing on the runways.  (Try OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window or Zoya Dree)
  • Grey.  Maybe I’m just saying that because I happened to be wearing grey in that post, but really. Grey.  Ooh!  (Try Essie Smokin’ Hot or Essie Chinchilly.)
  • Nail strips.  I tried some of these back in spring and they worked fairly well.  (Try Sally Hansen, they’re coming out with some new ones for halloween!)
  • Shatter.  I looove shatter.  Though my friend thinks that the shatter was a lab experiment, I still like it.  Which color?  I have black, turquoise, silver and blue.  The blue is from Sally Hansen and the other three OPI.  I’m looking forward to the new hot pink shatter by OPI which is coming out Sept/Oct .  OPI does an annual polish called Pink of Hearts and they donate some of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  OPI also donates $25,000.  (Not to mention the hot pink shatter is just so cool!)
  • Glitter? Nail art?  I love both of these so I would be happy if that was trendy.  Glitter has a presence in most of the major nail companies’ fall collections.  Don’t you just love that Miss Universe collection OPI has out?!  (The Muppets collection has loads of glitter too…I’ve seen it and it is awesome!)  Nail art might become popular too, but I think it’s too hard for the average work going person to do.

So fashionistas, should I become a nail blog?  Take the poll and comment!

The Fashionista


Nora commented on a post and requested that I write a post about nail polish.  I love nail polish, so I’m very happy to be writing this post.  Thanks for the suggestion, Nora!

The current nail polish trends are glittery nail polish (think gold or silver) and teal.  I like both of those trends.  It’s fun to do your nails with a cool design, like plaid, argyle, or snowmen.  Thanks to this YouTube channel: and some good quality nail polish (I like Sephora by OPI and Revlon), I’ve been able to get pretty good at doing my nails.

nail polish
To get a basic manicure you will need:
1 solid color nail polish
1 clear top and base coat nail polish
(optional) Nail Dryer
Apply 1 coat of the clear nail polish.  If you have a nail dryer, stick your nails under there for 3 minutes on warm.  If you don’t, wait about 7-8 minutes (without touching anything!).  Then apply 2 coats of the solid color.  Dry for 5 minutes with nail dryer, 12 or so without.  The next day you can apply a top coat ( if you do it right after, it might smear things).

If you want to do detailed nail art use brushes that are very thin.  I like Five Below’s nail polish because they have a very small brush, good for detail work.  The brand is “Art Club”, and they are 3 for $5.  If you want, you could keep the brush and clean it off so you could reuse it.)

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

Ah, the girlishness of the words: “nail polish, makeup, and shoes”.

They can make an outfit look chic and put together.  If you go onto you can try on nail polish (on a virtual hand).  I think that blues are the it shade of nail polish this summer.  They’re so cool and refreshing!

My favorite shades in the OPI nail polish are “That’s Hot! Pink” and “Teal the cows come home”.

Onto makeup.  Usually I just wear a slick of hot pink lip gloss, but sometimes I wear lipstick.  If I was going out to a movie, I’d wear lip gloss.  Not as fancy, and no one can see if it rubs off.  But if I was going to see a Broadway show or go to dinner, I’d definitely wear some sort of long lasting lipstick.

Shoes.  Many women (and probably some men) are obsessed with shoes.  Yves Saint Laurent, Manolo’s, and Gucci.  The names also make handbags and clothes, of course.  All of those shoes have price tags in the upper 200’s.

Wedges, gladiators, and booties.  Those are the shoe trends for summer/spring 2010.  And of course flip flops.  They’re soooo comfy, and you can just slip on and slip off.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

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