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Comeback Set

Hi!  It’s The Fashionista, back again.  Like Slim Shady and Britney Spears, all things come back eventually.  Perhaps those were bad examples because no one likes Britney, but whatever.

I guess you could say that this post is an experiment to see if anyone actually cares about my lovely fashion blog anymore.  I have 44,429 views on Polyvore, apparently.  I didn’t know that little ole me could reach so many people.  Anyway, that’s a set to show the trends of Fall 2013.

Bye for now

~The Fashionista


I have been volunteering at an organization called One Simple Wish.  OSW grants “wishes” to foster children, and right now, they’re selling prom gowns in a dress shop.

You can donate your own dresses to them, they accept gently used dresses.  I would recommend the gowns being no older than 5 years old.

When I’m in there, I’m amazed at how many different dresses they have.  They probably have about 500 dresses!  If you look, you can spot some Vera Wang dresses, Michael Kors and Nine West shoes.

I’ve heard some of the volunteers talking, and they say, “ooh, that’s cute!”  “I want that one!”   Currently you can enter to win the dress that Miss Teen USA won.  Brooke Burke, host of Dancing with the Stars, also gave two dresses that you can buy!

I highly recommend going to check out One Simple Wish and their dress shop.  You can find more info here:   or email

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

You know its April.  So what’s with the temps?!  90 degrees today.  I had to go and splash around in a stream like an 8 year old to cool off!

On the topic of heat, I must advise you not to wear micro-shorts.  Those are the shorts that aren’t flattering on anybody above a size 2.  Short shorts maybe, but eh.  If you’re exercising or using them as a coverup after a swim, they’re just too short!

Everyone can look good in Bermuda shorts, though.  Bermudas are knee-length.

Ruffles are hard to wear!  You don’t want to over ruffle, but it is also hard to find flattering ruffles.

I’m so glad to see color again!  After the blah winter of black, brown, and gray, it’s nice to see red, pink, and purple.

Also, nautical stripes caught my attention. 

They’re nice, I guess.  But horizontal stripes are hard to wear.

All for now.  Take this poll to give your opinion and comment below; have you seen any trends I haven’t?

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

I was in New York City, a fashion capitol, home to 8 million people, and my favorite city.

I was humming Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” with the lyric:

“These streets will make you feel brand new/
The lights will inspire you/
Lets’ hear it for New York, New York, New York”  (from

I went to see the Intrepid, a WWII aircraft carrier, and (of course) to scope out the trends.  Since the weather wasn’t that nice, I was wearing my very unfashionable Disney poncho.  But hey, it kept me warm.

Onto the trends.  I saw a lot of tights with skirts and boots.  Also, rain boots. Which makes sense, based on the awful weather.

Like these two rain boots.

I like the style, but I like my FUGGs better.

I also peeked my head, windblown bob and all, into Macy’s.  A place like Macy’s is perfect for spotting trends.  So, I saw a lot of ruffles, orange, and blue.  Seems good to me, except the orange.  To help you not over-ruffle (new word!  Yay!), I’ve made this Polyvore creation for you.


Hugs and air Kisses,
The Fashionista

I’ve noticed that patterns are back, especially argyle and floral print.  Just remember to keep one pattern per outfit, including shoes.

Also, remember not to wear one color all the time.  Have two favorite colors, I do.  All black never looks good, unless you’re at a funeral.

Spring outfits

I think leggings are still in for Spring.  Denim short shorts (around mid-thigh) are the way to wear denim.  And for the beach?  Wear bold colors.  With shorts as a cover up.  Old Navy flip flops are still the best deal around, so go and stock up.

Hugs and air Kisses,
The Fashionista

I wandered into Liz Claiborne and Ann Taylor to see what the trends were.  Liz Claiborne had a lot of patterned shirts, and navy shorts.  Ann Taylor had purple dresses, and some floral prints.

The weather has been mostly nice, but don’t put away the winter gear yet!  It still gets cold at night and you’ll need a trench coat.


Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

I recently watched the September Issue, and Devil wears Prada. DWP wasn’t very good, it was kind of boring.  But I liked TSI.  It seemed more realistic.  Grace Coddington seemed nasty, I wouldn’t want to work for her.  I wondered why Anna Wintour, of all people, was wearing patterns with patterns.  I guess she figures she can make anything trendy, what with being Editor in Chief of Vogue.

Glee is one of my favorite shows.  I love that it has all the pop music (that I love) in it.  Usually Glee‘s versions of songs are better than the original song.  I hope Glee guest stars Emma Watson (from Harry Potter) and Adam Lambert.  I’m not sure how Emma would fit in to the plot, but it would still be cool.

Speaking of Adam Lambert reminds me of American IdolAI has whittled it down to 12 contestants.  My favorites are Crystal Bowersox, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia.  Even though I don’t agree with Crystal’s hair choice (um, ugly dreadlocks) I think her voice is very nice.

Hugs and air Kisses,

The Fashionista

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